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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the method by which one can make a web page or a website friendly to search engines such that they are more visible in the lists of the search results.

All major search engines such have primary search results, where web pages and other content such as videos or local listings are shown and ranked based on what the search engine considers most relevant to users. There are many Training Institute that helps people interested in making a career in this to learn the techniques that are needed for SEO. Basically, even though you are learning SEO by yourself, you will not be perfect in SEO easily.

To be successful in SEO you should have a deep knowledge of it. Especially when you have practical knowledge than theoretical you can beat it. SEO is a game of digital world to be a best one. SEO training institute is a way to add stars to your knowledge.

Given below is a short explanation about how SEO works and why it is important to get training from a good SEO Training Institute.

To help keep things in a logical structure, three main areas:

  1. Crawling
  2. Indexing
  3. Ranking

Crawling is the first phase of working on any search engine like Google. After crawling process search engine renders data collected from crawling, this process is called Indexing.

1) Crawling

Keep in mind before you start learning SEO is that search engines cannot think and are based on the texts which drive them to work. They do not understand the quality or the beauty of a product. Crawling is the first step in the automation process which takes your feed as input and generate result according to it.

They look on the web to see what all the websites are there. This is done with the help of a software called crawler or spider and this process is called crawling through the web. Crawling is a process by which search engines crawler/ spiders/bots scan a website and collect details about each page: titles, images, keywords, other linked pages, etc. It also discovers updated content on the web, such as new sites or pages, changes to existing sites, and dead links. Since there are a lot many pages on the web it is not possible for a crawler to know if you have added a new page to your website or have made modifications in the existing one. So, to make your webpage visible to the crawler you need to have content on your page which will help the crawler detect your page.SEO Training Institute will help in learning about the contents which are detected by the crawler.

2) Indexing

After crawling has been done, the results get put onto Google’s index.

Once you’re happy that the search engines are crawling your website correctly, it is time to monitor how your pages are actually being indexed and actively monitor for problems.

Indexing is the most important activity to get the website ranked in the search engine; a website cannot get ranked until and unless it will be indexed by crawlers.

So, indexing means search engines getting or collecting web pages and store in its database. Through this database search engine can respond to the search queries entered by users. Search engines not only display the particular information related keyword used in the search query but also displays the other information.

This index contains the keywords which are the best way to describe a particular website. Whenever a person types a request, the search engine compares the words typed to its index and retrieves the results based on the keywords. So it is very important that you use the most common and widely used keywords on your webpage such that the search engine recognizes your website from the index. If you have proper training from SEO Training Institute, you will find this an easy task to accomplish.

3) Ranking

Rankings in SEO refers to a website’s position in the search engine results page. There are various ranking factors that influence whether a website appears higher on the SERP based on the content relevant to the search term or the quality of backlinks pointing to the page. Every search engine gives different weights to these ranking factors which is why when you enter the same search term in different search engines you will generally get different results.

In digital technology, ranking factors are categorized as meta description, title tags, content, backlinks, keywords, image optimization and many more. On these factors, search engine shows your website’s ranking.

After these important points conclusion is though most of the search engines work in the same way, there are definitely a few differences among them due to which there are differences in the relevancy of the results produced for the same keywords. When doing SEO, the person involved should be fully devoted to the project. You can get an SEO Training Institute to help you learn the various aspects that go into SEO and how to work on a site to make it a perfect SEO project.

Thus it is very important that training is obtained from a reputed SEO training institute to optimize the search engines or web pages of your own firm or if you aspire to make a career in SEO.

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