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What is it that truly differentiates one candidate from another during the job application process? While most candidates may have similar academic qualifications for a specific job, then what is the point which differentiate them from each other, it is the soft skills and extracurricular activities that set one job aspirant apart from the others.

Soft skills are key to building relationships, gaining visibility, and creating more opportunities for advancement. These skills are not specific to one career but are generic across all employment sectors. Have a look at them here:


Communication skills are perhaps the first set of skills that all potential employers notice.

Employers look for people who can communicate well – both verbally and otherwise.

Communication skills makes you different one in a group. Communication skills boost your performance because they help you put exact messaging forward.

Team Player

Employers look to team players to help build a friendly office culture, which helps retain employees and, in turn attracts top talent. A positive attitude – especially when it comes to working with others – is essential since it fosters team harmony.


Decision making and problem solving is another skill that is high in demand. The ability to identify complex problems and review related information in order to develop and implement solutions, can distinguish one employee from another.

Flexibility / Adaptability

The ability to adapt to change and a positive attitude about the change, go a long way towards growing a successful career. Employers need workers who can adapt to industry shifts and keep the company running.


Leadership is the ability to influence others and achieve a common goal. Bosses and managers are always looking for employees with leadership potential because such workers will one day take over the reins and build on the company’s legacy.

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