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Even though only in imagination we think it is impossible .But in reality; it is possible & stops misguiding your brain and sales techniques. Market place is always in waiting of new things and different ways to increase business turnover.

In marketing world the definition of sale is to make a call and do talkative robotics with customers. Yes, off course it is important to talk about your service, but what if customers are get bored with your toning like recording, and then you have to think in different way. Think, what happen if you make a call regarding your service selling but you are not telling them about business and instead of that you are discussing about their needs. Customer feels like I was dreaming. Yes, that’s the point we have to change the definition of sale call.

Now, imagine you have to make a call to your ideal customer. The only condition is that you can’t talk about your product or business.

What could you possible talk about that would be a good use of the customer’s time to engage with you in conversation?

A good start would be to talk about what the customer is most interested in talking about.

Once a customer reveals his or her pain points, it’s appropriate for you to begin discussing a solution. That time if you’re pitching a product or service, you’re doing it wrong.

Rather than presenting a sales pitch, act like a doctor. Doctors also run their businesses in different ways. Instead of knowing medicinal doses for particular stages doctors use to give prescriptions to engage with patients. When doctors write prescriptions, it doesn’t feel like they’re selling drugs.. That’s because you trust that they understand your problem, and you value their recommended solution.

As like this if you have your sales training institute and you are approaching to your customers for admission, Start the conversation to know their problem to convince to be admitted in your institute. Prove to them that you are not doing only sales purposes but also offering a better training and development centre. Make them trustable towards your learning solution institute by offering solutions to their needs.

Every sales business has different strategies to tackle with their customers.

Through the conversation, you would help the customer to think about their urgency in addressing the issues, the impact of the change; you’d help them create a vision of a future state where they be moving past the problem, addressing new opportunities.

By the end of the call, the customer will be left with one question.

“How can you help me do this?”

To answer this question avoid being viewed as a salesperson; show a level of confidence when recommending your product or service.

It’s only then that your solution is relevant–in fact critical to them. At that point, they will be hungry to learn how you can help them.

Assume the call discussion will end in a limited time and you have to sell your service through the conversation as the final deal.

In the end, trust will have the greatest impact on how a potential customer perceives you. The goal is to establish that trust by behaviours. If you have a problem-solving mentality, you’ll set yourself up for ongoing sales success

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