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Learning objectives description and performance based description are two different things in the training sector.  As sir name is identity for the name like that performance based description gives you a behavioral structure in corporate world. When I think about this I feel like ….

I cringe when I read a learning objective that says, “You will know…” or “You will understand….” My first thought is, “How will you know that I ‘know,’ and how will you know that I understand?” My second thought is, “How does knowing and understanding help me meet performance expectations or show up in my behavior on the job?”

Truth be told, learning objectives are created for the training team, not the employee. There’s a better way to describe learning experiences that is employee-centric and performance based. In place of learning objectives, I recommend learning solution descriptions that define specific actions in the learning experience and results that describe the desired performance outcomes.

Employee engagement is one kind of investment for the business. If employee engagement is growing then business is automatically growing its reputation.

If you really want to engage employees and the business, describe learning solutions in a way that shows alignment with business goals and performance requirements to achieve those goals. Show employees what the learning experience will look and feel like by describing what they’ll do. Explain how the learning experience will impact their performance by describing what’s in it for them.

This comes from a business I worked with that replaced learning objectives for company-wide communications with employee-centric learning solution descriptions. We described learning solutions with a brief introduction, actions in the learning experience and performance outcomes .These objectives gave employees the information they needed to make an informed decision about the investment of their time for training, learning and professional development. They told them what they were going to do and the expected performance impact of their learning experience.

Traditional Learning Objectives Don’t Show Alignment With Business Goals.

Telling employees what they will “know” or “understand,” using the language of traditional learning objectives, does not demonstrate intentional alignment to business goals. As part of our marketing, messaging and communication strategy for learning and development, our learning solutions’ descriptions purposefully described performance outcomes that supported business goals.

This strategy also kept instructional design focused on creating solutions and experiences that impacted performance in a way that helped employees achieve business goals. Traditional learning objectives don’t do that.

Learning Experience Descriptions and Performance Outcomes.

Traditional learning objectives tell us what we’ll know or understand. But what about the impact of knowing and understanding on our day-to-day performance on the job? I say goodbye to learning objectives and hello to learning solution descriptions that define actions in the learning experience and performance outcomes.

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