About PHP Language

PHP stands for “PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor”. PHP is one of the most powerful languages. As PHP is an open source, It is very popular than other web designing technologies like ASP and JS. It is used to convert static web page to dynamic web page with the capacity to interact with databases. It is also used for developing web-based software applications & GUI applications.

About Montek As a PHP Training Institute in Pune

Montek Learning Solutions is the best PHP Training Institute in Pune. We are providing PHP training from basic level to advance level by our team of 18+ years experienced industry experts where you can learn Core PHP and other Advanced PHP techniques. Our PHP course in Pune consists of HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL and AJAX techniques in which you can learn from how to build a basic website using HTML to an Advanced dynamic website using PHP/MySQL which is easy to understand and user-friendly. We are providing 100% practical PHP training on Live projects with PHP Course Certification & internship Certification. Our PHP Classes in Pune area with very flexible timings according to students. Also, we are offering 100% Placement Assistance after course completion.

Benefits of PHP Programming

  • Free of cost and capable to run on different platforms like Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac & UNIX operating systems.
  • Supports a wide range of databases including MySQL, Oracle, and MS Access
  • Syntax similarities with C and Java and is easy to learn, use and implement
  • Compatible with almost all servers used today like Apache, IIS, etc.
  • Easy to learn and runs efficiently on the server side
  • Capable of interacting with many services which use protocols such as IMAP, LDAP, POP3, NNTP, SNMP, HTTP, COM

Course Outline...

php training in pune

Web Application Introduction

  • Web application session (End to end flow of web application)
  • Technical terms listing of web applications
  • Web server Web Browser Database Client Application Server Protocol
  • Request-Response Model Client and server side technologies, Web History
php classes in pune


  • HTML Tags, Attributes, Events
  • HTML Forms, table, iframe, image, anchor tag assignments, Elements of html5
  • Styling html document. Different attributes of cars
  • External, Internal, Inline CSS and CSS3


  • Introduction of Javascript, Basic Javascript- Function, loop, validation, Advanced Javascript- Object, String, Date etc.
  • Javascript Windows-Location, popup boxes, cookie, Js HTML DOM etc.
  • Java Script Assignment
  • Form validation using Java Script
  • Email validation using Java Script
php training institute in pune

PHP Basics & Development

  • PHP Introduction, history
  • The Origin of PHP
  • PHP is better than Its alternatives
  • PHP scripts work
  • PHP syntax Basic
php course in pune

Control Structures

  • IF (), else if () and else if condition Statement
  • The switch statement
  • Using the? Operator
  • Using the while () Loop
  • The do while statement
  • Using the for () Loop
  • Breaking out of loops
  • Nesting loops
string manipulation

String Manipulation

  • Formatting String for Presentation
  • Formatting String for Storage
  • Joining, and Splitting Strings
  • Comparing String
  • Matching and replacing Substring


  • What is the function
  • Creating a function
  • Returning value from a function
  • User-defined functions,Dynamic function calls
  • Variable scope,Accessing variable with the global statement
  • Passing arguments to a function by value And by reference
  • Testing for function existence Arrays
  • Types of Arrays (Single-Dimensional,Multidimensional,Associative,Accessing)
php cookies


  • What is a Cookie?
  • Setting time in a cookie with PHP
  • Deleting a cookie
  • Creating session cookie
  • Working with the query string
php sessions


  • What is a session?
  • Starting a session
  • Registering Session variables
  • Working with session variables
  • Destroying session
  • Passing session Ids
  • Encoding and decoding session variables
  • How to increase session expire time
  • How to work session without cookie?
Advanced php

Advance PHP

  • PHP With MVC Architecture Introduction about FTP/SMTP server
  • Math functions
  • File uploads and Download
  • E-mail with PHP / PHP Mailer
  • PHP configuration file
  • Error tracking and debugging

AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML)

  • Ajax Introduction
  • Ajax Database
  • Introduction to XML Http Request Object
  • Method and Properties of XML Http Request
  • Application of AJAX in web application
  • Introduction to XML and its use

Frame Work & CMS

  • Introduction to WordPress
  • Basic Concepts of Framework
  • Basic Concept of Code Igniter

OsCommerce (Open Source Shopping Cart)

  • Introduction to Shopping Cart
  • Introduction to osCommerceopensource
  • Discussion of various modules of osCommerce
PHP Project

PHP Project

  • Project Discussion
  • Requirements analysis of Project Project
  • Development
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