Professional Etiquettes

  1. Dressing Etiquette
  2. Writing Etiquette
  3. Email Etiquette
  4. Table Etiquette

Effective Communication

  1. Corporate world believes in effective communication as we all know it is very difficult to change ones assent but definitely one can increase effectively of communication
  2. Functions of Communication
  3. The Communication Process
  4. Communication Fundamentals
  5. Key Communication Skills

Team Building

  1. How to behave in team?
  2. How to communicate in team?
  3. Importance of documentation
  4. Setting up Goal Congruence

Pinpointing skill

  1. This technique will help you to understand the systematic way of identifying, analyzing and solving the problem
  2. Structure and Benefits
  3. Structure Thinking
  4. Thinking about thinking
  5. Lateral Thinking
  6. Tools of Problem Solving

Negotiation Skill

  1. You don’t get what you deserve; you always get what you negotiate
  2. This technique will teach you how to negotiate in day to day and corporate life.
  3. Understanding Negotiation
  4. Stages of Negotiation
  5. Personal Power
  6. Negotiation Tactics
  7. The don’ts of Negotiation

System Intelligence

  1. Everyone and everything is part of system and if one element falls entire system fails know how?
  2. Personal Mastery
  3. Mental Models
  4. Shared Vision
  5. Team Leaming
  6. Systems Thinking

SPIN – Selling

  1. Get answer from people which you know the Answer is ‘YES’
  2. Know how to sell yourself
  3. Understanding Large Account Selling
  4. The SPIN Model
  5. Understanding SPIN

PAIN – Building

  1. Build pain, people will buy Zandu Balm. Know how to build PAIN.
  2. Understanding small and intangible Account Selling
  3. The Pain Model
  4. Understanding PAIN
  5. Building PAlN

Six Sigma

  1. Perfection, what corporate need is?
  2. Following 14 principle of TOYOTA Corporation
  3. Implementation
  4. Measurement of performance
  5. Why?

Balance Score Card

  1. Learn the techniques to major your performance
  2. Individual performance and team performance.
  3. Matrix way to measure performance
  4. Measurement of performance
  5. 360 Degree Idea

Current trends in management

  1. Think out of box
  2. How to manage your boss
  3. Becoming Knowledge based business.
  4. Virtual Management
  5. Separate Model for all sectors
  6. Sector wise analysis

The secret

  1. Meditation
  2. Yoga
  3. How to synergize body


Factory Model

  1. Mil teaches you techniques to coordinate with various departments of the companys
  2. Interrelation of departments within organization
  3. Communication within organization

Placement Activity

  1. Get right job by knowing various sectors and there expected growth
  2. 360 FAQ’s during interview
  3. How to face GO & PI


Shesha is a Business Development, Digital Marketing, Entrepreneur and Techno expert. Currently focus on partnering with startups worldwide for offering them Consulting, resources, technology, BOT, ODC and PDC. He has considerable Sales Leadership Skills including international experience and in-debth understanding of sales techniques, sales cycles.

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