Why It is important to do college Project ?

If you think about why you should be doing a BE / MCA / MCS Project in college it boils down to a few key elements.

Apply the Concepts

You want to be able to apply the concepts that you have learnt as part of your coursework. While the theory looks nice and interesting there is nothing like applying in real world situations to understand how things work.

Refine your core competencies

Executing a project gives you a much better understanding of all the theories that you have read and improve on your core competencies. So some of the core competencies like Data Structures, OOPS, Algorithms can only be improved by applying them on a live project where through the real implementation you understand the concepts much better. So if you want to refine your skills on Algorithms there would be nothing better than choosing a Search Engineas a project with maybe an improved Algorithm.

Define an Area of Interest

Choosing the right project around your area of interest allows you to develop your knowledge and actually build an area of interest which could be applicable for a lifetime :-) . So if some of you are looking for a career in Networking it makes very good sense to define a project around networking.

Work in a Team

A project gives you an opportunity to work in a team. Your ability to collaborate with your peers, or your ability to lead a team will be well tested on the project, at the same time giving you the opportunity to define, plan and execute as a team.

Showcase your skills/Placements

Last but most importantly the project gives you the ability to build a showcase set of skills which will be the focus during placements and even during initial period in the Industry. Projects typically are the closest that you can get to work in an Industry environment and something that Industry can easily relate to. Placement interviews typically center around projects since they are typically around current technologies and areas. Your project idea should give you the opportunity to be able showcase all your skills.